Slope Game


Slope Game

Introduction and How to play

Do you want to experience the thrills or play the high-speed games? Try and enjoy Slope Game. If you are a fan of skill games, it is a very interesting option for you. Once you start, you are addicted to it.

The play model makes you excited. Slope games have a great and addictive gameplay: players need to control their balls running in the city at midnight on sloping roads with increasing difficulty to the destination.


Control Guide: The controller is simple, players just tilt their phones to the right and left to control the ball to pass the ramps and barricades and run to the destination.

It sounds pretty simple right? If players want to have a high score, they must use all their best skills wisely: by hand, eye and reflection in a flexible and accurate way. Slope game requires the player to control a green ball in a big 3D world across the ramps at a fast pace. The main objective of the player is to avoid barricades and score as high as possible.

At first the ball roll slowly, then faster and more barricades to avoid. Players should control the ball well and avoid the red areas while the ball rolling. If the ball touches the red area, the player fail and play again.

3D graphics in Slope game is also a very interesting improvement, it plays a quite important role in the game. It increases the difficulty (making the player confused on direction when controlling the ball rolling). So controlling the ball to overcome barriades and to the goal, the player can prove his gameplay.

In addition, you can take advanced challenges with the unlocked Slope game or Slope 2. Try and have fun moments with our great online game library.

From high-speed games to Slope game, players have the chance to prove their gameplay skills. How well you control the character or object? What is your highest score? Just a few simple clicks, you can enjoy all. Remember to save and accumulate your points for each game. By that way, you can compete with other players in the rankings.

Have a nice time with SLOPE Game!

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